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We at EV Owners are excited about the Electric Vehicle (EV) market and all the benefits it brings, the rapid growth over the last few years has been a combination of new and exciting EVs, Government incentives and the awareness of the benefits (environment, cost, technological advances etc).

Car manufacturers have been progressively increasing the number of makes and models available to choose from and with a ban on new Petrol/Diesel and Hybrid vehicles coming into force in 2035 (hold the phone... it's now 2030!!!), the drive to transition to the future is upon us.

Our site aims to start you on your EV journey by answering all your EV questions, from jargon busters, to charge points, maintenance and much more.

We also provide you with personal EV reviews and information on what’s currently on the market and which new models to look out for in the future!

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"To drive the future of electric vehicles and all the benefits it provides by offering drivers the education and knowledge to make the transition"