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What EV Owners is all about?

EV Owners is the one stop shop for all your questions and queries around all things to do with Electrical Vehicles (EV).

It covers reviews, jargon busting, and advice on all things EV.

Have a look around the pages to see if we can answer your queries and if you are still stuck then ask a question and we will aim to come back to you with an impartial answer.

The aim of this site is provide impartial answers where possible but may make recommendations based on real life experiences.

We will aim to update this page at least on a weekly basis with news and reviews and any new tips that maybe useful.

The history and aspiration is to educate those that want to make the leap to EV and help to make the planet a cleaner place to live by making that switch.

At some point we would like to branch out into further renewable technologies but that comes later.

A little bit about the writer - having wanted to join the EV journey years ago but never managed to find the practical or expense balance in justifying owning an EV, with recent developments and having an option to purchase my first EV has led me to do a ton of research in an area which I am passionate about, and this site is filled with personal experiences and experiences from companies and other EV owners alike. This will then hopefully springboard the research into Solar panels and renewable technologies, which is a core passion for keeping the planet a safer place to live for generations to come.